Menopause Stage Detection Kit Goes On Sale



Clearblue is a brand synonymous with urine pregnancy test kits. After 35 years of offering pregnancy test kits, Clearblue has now started selling menopause resistance detection kits for women.

This Clearblue Menopause Stage Indicator kit detects a woman's menopause stage through urine with five tests to be performed within 10 days. By detecting the level of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) in urine, the stage of menopause in women can be detected. FSH regulates the menstrual cycle and egg production in a woman.

After tracking the menstrual cycle in more detail using the free app, the data collected can be shown to a gynecologist to see how close a woman is to reaching menopause.

The main reason the test kit was produced is because 2/3 of women say they are not ready for menopause and only 45% say they have enough information about it. At this time the menopause stage test kit is only offered in the United States first.