Songs That Mimic Drake And The Weeknd's Voices Using AI Are Ineligible For The Grammy Awards

 A few months ago we reported that the Grammy awards had changed some of the music award's entry guidelines by allowing songwriters to use artificial intelligence services for the purpose of editing their songs.

The latest industry drama revolves around two songs developed using artificial intelligence services, namely Heart on My Sleeve written by a songwriter named Ghostwriter. Much has been said about this song, because it was sung using the voices of two very popular artists, namely Drake and the Weeknd through artificial intelligence.

Many thought that because of the guidelines introduced by the Grammy's, the song is now eligible to participate in the award, but the CEO of the Recording Academy, Harvey Mason Jr. has said that the song is not eligible to participate in the event.

According to him, this is because even though the song was written by a real songwriter, the voices of Drake and The Weeknd used were processed using artificial intelligence and did not get permission from the artists.

In fact, it is because of this issue that the song has also been withdrawn from song streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and even YouTube Music after being requested by Universal Music which manages the rights to use the assets of these artists.

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