Ehang Receives Permission to Operate in China - Can Carry Humans in "Airplanes"

Ehang is one of the companies that focuses on the development of drones or air-taxi, or also called by some people as a car-car. Various models were shown, including making tests of carrying humans in flight.

Most recently, Ehang has received operational permission in China, for the EH216-S AAV drone, which can carry two humans at a time. This also makes Ehang the first company to receive permission to operate in China.

With this move as well, it will at once show that the race in the air-taxi arena will continue to increase in the coming years, and perhaps we will see it continue to expand in the coming decade. According to Ehang's own sharing, they aim for air-taxi to become one of the customs between cities in the next 5 years.

For information, Malaysia is also one of the main customers for Ehang, through the company Aerotree. Besides that, some other countries that will also buy this Ehang air-taxi drone are AirX from Japan, and Prestige from Indonesia. Previously, it had also been shown the Ehang drone in Malaysia, as one of the potential offerings of the first flying car in Malaysia.

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