Upgrade Your Home Viewing Experience With Soundbar Speakers

 So you just bought a new smart television. Video streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube are all at your fingertips, The color reproduction on your television screen looks very bright and vibrant, and the black color reproduction is really dark.

But even if your smart television video experience is excellent, you can feel one glaring shortcoming in terms of audio. Yes, the speakers built into your giant smart television are very loud, but they don't give you a cinematic experience like what's offered in the movie theaters you're used to hearing.

Therefore, you need soundbar speakers to complete your home theater viewing experience, which can not only complement your personal theater audio needs, but also brighten up the living room, which will surely be an interesting topic of conversation with your guests.

Today's modern soundbar options are packed with not only powerful audio components, but also additional features offered to allow you to further expand your audio output options from a variety of devices.

Soundbar devices now also support WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to use audio streaming services such as Spotify, Google Chromecast Audio and Apple Air Play 2 to play your favorite songs on this speaker system through your smart device.

However, the main reason why you want to get this soundbar device is to improve the audio quality of watching your favorite movies and television series. There are many options in the market now with various price tags and also features.

Using the Samsung Soundbar Q990C as an example, this soundbar comes with . For television, for example, it can be connected using HDMI eARC, HDMI 2.0 and optical cables for a lossless audio experience through Dolby ATMOS that will take you to a fictional world when you watch your favorite movies.

If you're using a combination of a Samsung smart television and a Samsung Soundbar speaker, you can take advantage of the Q Symphony feature to parallel these two speakers via an HDMI eARC connection to get a full 11.1.4 speaker connection.

The advantage of the speaker system that comes with Dolby ATMOS technology in particular is stronger bass, clearer treble and the ability to project dialog audio more clearly even at high audio settings. With more audio channels, all parts of the audio are thrown clearly into the ear.

Speaking of audio throw, this is one of the most noticeable differences between a regular speaker and a premium one. A good speaker system but not with premium audio features may provide decent audio quality, but the audio output will still be focused on the center of the screen.

With technology like Dolby ATMOS for example, a good audio projection will make your entire room an audio stage like you are in the movie. The sound of a helicopter flying in the air for example will sound like it is really flying over your head, or the sound of footsteps in the snow will sound like it is happening next to you.

If you are a fan of video games, you can also connect your Sony PlayStation 5 console to this UHD television, and also enjoy a cinematic experience when playing your favorite games such as God of War: Ragnarok, Final Fantasy XVI and so on.

Gunshots in games like Call of Duty can also sound like you're in a real conflict, which can be a little scary, but if realism in a video game is what you want, a premium soundbar is definitely something you want.

Our suggestion is also to find furniture large enough to accommodate both the television and the speaker system, or you can use the VESA system to hang the television on the wall and then use the surface of the furniture under the television to accommodate these speakers.

As said before, this soundbar class speaker not only gives you an audio experience like in a movie theater, but also as a room brightener at home. If you have a housewife who cares about the aesthetics of the furniture and the arrangement of things at home, we are sure that with a good selection of soundbar products, you will have no problem convincing your partner to buy a soundbar system.

There are many soundbars on the market and the soundbar in this article is the Samsung Soundbar Q990C which is sold at a price of RM 5,909 for a limited time. Complete with Dolby Atmos wirelessly and the number of speakers 11.1.4ch, the price offered is premium with the sound played.

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