OnePlus AI Music Studio Introduced – Can Generate Music, Lyrics And Videos With One Prom

 AI generative services that can generate music have already been introduced but their usage methods are very limited and dangerous because they can copy the songs of popular artists leading to copyright issues. Recently YouTube has introduced Dream Track for use on Shorts in collaboration with artists. Today, OnePlus introduced their iteration.

OnePlus AI Music Studio can generate not only music but also lyrics and also video music. The method of use is also simple, where the user has to choose a theme such as Rap, EDM or Pop. Then can choose a mood like happy, energetic, sad or romantic and finally choose a video music theme like Cyberpunk, nature and more.

After the selection is made, the user has to enter a simple prom and the lyrics will continue to be generated. After being satisfied with the lyrics, the song and video will continue to be generated and can be shared or downloaded. Users will also have their own profile to display each music and video that has been generated.

OnePlus does not disclose which AI services they use. The generation process is quite fast and in my trial just now it is unlimited and free. For those who want to try it, you can click the link below.

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