MediaTek Filogic 860 And 360 Ready To Power WiFi 7 Routers By Mid-2024


Much has been said about the WiFi 7 router technology that was introduced at the end of 2022, about how it now supports faster speeds as well as more frequencies and has a larger network area.

MediaTek, a leading device chip and electronic hardware company has recently introduced two of their WiFi 7 chips, the MediaTek Filogic 860 and Filogic 360 which are ready to power WiFi 7 router hardware soon.

The MediaTek Filogic 860 comes with a three-core Arm Cortex-A73 chip built using a 6nm process. This chip supports dual-channel WiFi Multi-Link Operation (MLO) with a data transmission speed of up to 7.2Gbps.

The Filogic 360 chip is a one-chip solution for connection to WiFi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 networks that can be used by various types of devices, including laptops, smart devices, set top boxes and so on.

This chip comes with support for three WiFi channels, including 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz which support internet connection speeds of up to 2.9Gbps. This chip is also seen to support MLO technology which allows the device to connect to different frequencies at once, maximizing the internet connection speed as much as possible.

MediaTek says that these two chips have already started to be sent to internet hardware makers as samples, and expects that mass production for these two WiFi chips will be developed on a large scale starting in mid-2024.

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