Tesla Sells Digital Clocks Like Nixie Tubes


Tesla sells several accessories to fans such as flame throwers, device charging cables like SuperChargers and cat boxes like Cybertruck. Recently, Tesla has come up with the S3XY Radiance Clock which is a smart digital clock like a nixie tube. This Tesla clock has six tubes that can be modified by the user. Each quartz glass tube has its own IPS display and the clock has a built-in speaker with 24-bit audio codec and there are six watch faces to choose from.

This S3XY Radiance Clock supports six alarms that can be set with snooze and scheduled support. The clock is said to be powered by a 5ppm RTC chip for accurate time display and can be connected to WiFi. Each display can also display any image as well as a screensaver.

For now, Tesla only sells it in the Chinese market at a price of RMB 839, which is around RM545. With the Tesla Shop having opened in Malaysia, we may see interesting items like this arrive in the local market one day. Let's wait together.

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