Remembering the Samsung Galaxy Tab – A Solid Phone

What is the most important smartphone in your life? My answer is simple and it is the Samsung Galaxy Tab which was launched in October 2010. It was the most important because it was the first Android device I used and opened my eyes to the limitations of the sub 5″ screen used on smartphones at that time.


Among fans of Samsung devices, the Galaxy Tab, also known as the Galaxy Tab 7.0, is a legendary tablet because it is a good alternative to the first generation iPad that was launched a few months earlier. In 2010, Samsung was still in the era of daring to try to do things that other manufacturers did not dare to do. Offering a tablet with a 7″ screen at the time may have been considered strange because there was nothing like it.

For me, what makes the Galaxy Tab one of the best devices I've ever used is the long battery life and the huge screen. After years of using 4″ screens (which used to be considered large) many are looking for devices that allow YouTube videos and gaming applications to run on larger screens.

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I personally use the Galaxy Tab as a vehicle infotainment system. At that time the use of large screens in vehicles was still limited to luxury vehicles. With the official tablet holder sold by Samsung, the Galaxy Tab can be used as an infotainment system as well as GPS navigation in the car.

With a 4000 mAh battery, the Galaxy Tab is also one of the few smart devices on the market that can be used most of the day. At this time the majority of Android smartphones are equipped with batteries of 2000-2500 mAh which are much smaller.


Even though it's unique, that doesn't mean the Galaxy Tab is a perfect device. The most notable drawback is that it does not have an earpiece for making phone calls. It was normal in 2010 to 2011 to see Galaxy Tab users answering phone calls with it being audible to people in the environment. It should be remembered that bluetooth earphones are still quite expensive at this time. Wired earphones get tangled when placed in a pocket. Therefore privacy when making phone calls is difficult to do.

Selling price in Malaysia in 2010

This tablet is also very large and thick reaching 12mm. As the frame is used it becomes thicker. With its large size it is impossible to keep it in a pocket so it has to be held in the hand all the time.

The final issue with the Galaxy Tab is that it uses a 30-pin charging head which is not widely used when more and more devices are switching to microUSB these days. Charging the 4000 mAh battery that is used is also slow for up to three hours.

Why is the Galaxy Tab Important?

Because based on user input and a very good response in the market, the Galaxy Tab led to the Galaxy Note series being produced. Samsung recognizes that there is a market for smartphones with larger screens – between 5-5.5″ – as long as they still fit comfortably in a pocket. Without the Galaxy Note (and the Dell Streak as well) the era of larger screened smartphones may not have happened.

Samsung continues to update the Galaxy Tab series model with the next device coming with thinner bezels, ear handles for phone calls, thinner body and Wacom technology S Pen support.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The tablet era has ended with data showing sales returning to pre-pandemic levels. iPad dominates over 50% of the market while Samsung is second with around 29% of the market. Samsung's dominant position in the Android tablet market can be traced back to its success since the Galaxy Tab was launched 13 years ago.

Are there any our readers who have owned a Galaxy Tab or other models after it? If so, what good or bad memory do you experience while using this tablet?

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