Samsung Will Use Low-Power PHOLED Panels By 2025


Most of the OLED screens used in smart devices are supplied by Samsung because the panels they develop are of proven quality. But according to The Elec report by 2025, Samsung will use a new panel called Phosphorescent OLED (PHOLED)

The advantage of PHOLED over OLED is that it will further reduce power consumption because the phosphorescent has 100% efficiency compared to only 25% of the fluorescence used in OLED panels. Samsung's existing OLED panels already use red and green phosphors on the sub-pixels. Although the shortcoming of blue phosphors is that they have only 55% life compared to phosphors.

According to sources, PHOLED was supposed to be used on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and also Galaxy Z Flip6 devices in 2024 but was delayed to 2025 to ensure it is more stable. Let's all look forward to further announcements about this PHOLED and see the development of whether this is the best solution or the development of microLED that should continue as an OLED alternative that has no burn-in issue.

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