Touch 'n Go Denies Reports RFID Stickers Will Expire Next January 31

 Last weekend there was a message circulating on social media saying Touch 'n Go RFID users should replace the RFID stickers installed in 2018 with new stickers. Touch 'n Go came out with an explanation denying the viral message today.

Through their official social media channels, Touch 'N Go said there was confusion in the message delivered to those who used the RFID stickers during the pilot phase in 2018. Pilot users are now given a special offer to replace the RFID stickers in case of damage after almost five years of use. If a new sticker is ordered, the old RFID sticker will be deregistered on January 31, 2024. This is to avoid two RFID stickers being registered to the same two vehicles.

If new stickers are not ordered, the old RFID stickers can continue to be used without any issues after January 31, 2024. With this announcement Touch 'n Go hopes that there will be no more confusion regarding the use of their RFID stickers among consumers.

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