Android 14 Will Allow Users to Hide Apps


Ever or not your loved one or your friend wants to borrow the phone then they want to joke by opening various applications, reading messages and so on? If not joking, something secret in the phone can be accidentally exposed. Because of that OnePlus, Samsung and some other company manufacturers allow users to hide files or apps.

OnePlus has a Hidden Space feature and Samsung has Hide Apps. Coming in Android 14, Google is seen preparing to include a Private Space feature so that users can hide sensitive apps such as banking, file manager or photo gallery.

What makes Private Space even more interesting is that it doesn't just hide apps in the launcher, but the entire Android system. In the system settings, applications that have been hidden will not be displayed as well as notifications as long as this Private Space is not unlocked either with a password, pin or fingerprint scan.

At the moment it is still uncertain when this feature will be distributed to all Android 14 users. It is still in the early testing stage with even the latest Android 14 QPR Beta 2 users still unable to access this feature.

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