Anker SoundCore A20i Review – All-In-One IEM For RM99

 In the Our test lab, we test a wide variety of audio products, from leading brands, to brands that just want to step into the world of audiophiles, from expensive products to cheap products.

I can honestly say that I am quite picky when it comes to the type of headphones or earphones I use and test, so when I was asked to test these Anker SoundCore A20i earphones.

Design And Specifications

Anker SoundCore A20i

Type of in-ear earphones

Driver Unknown

Microphone 1 microphone

Battery 9 hours / 28 hours with pod

USB-C charging port

Wireless charging None


All operating systems are supported

Virtual assistant support None

Control Pad Yes

IPX5 waterproof capability

Selling Price RM99

There is not much I can say about the design of these Anker SoundCore A20i IEM earphones. It comes with a design that can be compared to any IEM earphone frame produced by 99 other brands and when opened, houses two earphones that also have the generic IEM design shown on many other brands.

On the back of these earphones is a USB Type-C plug that is used to charge this charging frame, while on the side is a handle strap that can be used as a way to identify where these earphones are when they are stored in the pocket of the user's pants or handbag.

When I did a little research on these SoundCore A20i earphones when I reviewed them, I was also quite surprised to find out that these two audio buds come with IPX5 waterproof support and also support Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity.


Not only that, it also has a SoundCore application that can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store that can be used to connect these earphones to the device, and several other features.

Connecting these earphones to the app allows users to see for themselves the battery life of both earphones and also modify the settings on the touchpads on both sides of the earphones with one touch-double touch and long touch.

With this app too, you can find your earphones if you lose one of them. These earphones will emit high-frequency sounds, so it is recommended that you do not wear another earphone when searching for a lost unit.

Usage Experience

Using and connecting the Anker SoundCore A20i earphones is a quick and easy experience. You don't need to install the SoundCore app to connect this accessory to your device, but our recommendation is that you want to do it for one function only, which is to modify the touchpad settings on these earphones.

Apart from that, you can connect these earphones using only Bluetooth connection quickly and easily. Another aspect about these earphones that I really like is that they have a battery life of 9 hours on a single full charge, and up to 28 hours when paired with a charging case.

The use of these earphones is very easy, and the modifications that can be done through the app are also not that complicated, and this to me is what the audio brands that make IEM products should emulate for their much more expensive products.

In the meantime, the IPX5 waterproof feature is also very useful lately with the rain that plagues the Klang Valley every day. I don't have to worry if

Audio Quality

This is a section where I have written, deleted, written and deleted many times because for these earphones, it is quite difficult for me to express an opinion about the audio quality of these earphones.

In short, my opinion is that the Anker SoundCore A20i is good, especially for a pair of TWS earphones that retail for RM99. However, to unlock this audio quality, you will need to download the SoundCore app first to access the Equalizer function.

The app's EQ menu comes with many preset options, but I was asked to test the SoundCore Signature BassUp mode which is said to increase the bass quality level for the songs being listened to. In my opinion, yes, it is true that the bass quality is increased, but the problem with this is that the other notes are drowned out by the excessive bass sound.

If you ask me, the EQ Rock option is the best audio mode on these earphones, as it boosts the volume of the low notes and treble as well as the bass to a satisfactory level. Just my advice, you need to be careful if you are the type who listens to songs at high audio volume, because at that level there is a possibility of loud noises that hurt your ears.

If you make sure that the audio volume is at a comfortable level, this will not be a problem for you.

What's In The Box

This is what is offered in the box when you buy these Anker SoundCore A20i earphones:

1x Anker SoundCore A20i

1x manual

1x USB Type-A to USB Type-C charging cable

3x silicone ear tips size S, M, L


At a price tag of RM99, the Anker SoundCore A20i is an earphone that is very suitable to buy as a backup in case your main/premium earphones are damaged or lost.

It is equipped with various features that are usually only shown on more premium earphones, such as application support, software updates, the ability to modify the settings of touch functions and audio quality based on your wishes and also IPX5 waterproof support.

At this price tag too, the audio quality of the Anker SoundCore A20i earphones is pretty amazing. There is no problem for you to use these earphones as a backup audio device, especially with the features present in these earphones which make these earphones very good value.


The price is very affordable

Compact with good features

Easy to use application

Long battery life


Plastic build quality

There is no ANC

No virtual assistant support

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