Taiwan Police Seized Pile of Counterfeit HDMI Cables Worth RM12 Million

 The sale of counterfeit and pirated electronic equipment is nothing new, but in some places, it is something that is quite difficult to curb. Recently, reports have come from Taiwan where the country's police have confiscated a large pile of HDMI cables estimated to be worth $2.6 million (~RM12 million).

As expected, this seizure was done because these HDMI cables, which are sold in physical stores and online at very cheap price tags are fake cables using the HDMI name without any legitimacy from the HDMI group. The Taiwanese police say that this is because awareness of the HDMI name is not widespread enough among buyers and users in the country.

Apart from the cable's iconic name and physical connection, it is also reported that these cables are developed using a quality that does not follow the standards of the HDMI organization, and this is seen to cause issues where these cables will not work as they should or will cause damage to theater equipment. home or computer that uses it.

It is reported that a total of 3,037 products related to these counterfeit HDMI cables were successfully seized, although the Taiwanese police did not provide details. The HDMI organization is also reported to be filing a lawsuit against the fake cable makers in an effort to crack down on the fake cable industry.

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