Leica ZM 1 Gold Limited Edition Luxury Watch Sold at RM130,000

 Although known as a famous camera company, Leica also produces its own luxury watches. The latest Leica ZM 1 Gold Limited Edition has been launched with a combination of 18k 4N gold and Grade 5 Titanium.

These things not only make it have an attractive appearance and exceptional durability. At the same time it was introduced to celebrate their first gold edition product which was the Leica IA Luxus camera which was launched in 1929.

Also included are time, date and time zone control knobs on the right side along with a red circle that takes inspiration from Leica camera buttons.

Furthermore, the strap is made of hand-stitched crocodile leather with a gray-brown color option. Leica ZM 1 Gold Limited Edition is only sold in limited quantities at select stores located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, USA, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Australia . The selling price is $28,000 (~RM130,788) per piece.

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