BrainGPT Reads Brain Waves Lets Stroke Patients "Talk"


Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a must-have technology this year with various services including chatbot-based features such as ChatGPT. Generative AI technology is now being used to enable stroke patients or those with locked-in syndrome to speak again.

The BrainGPT AI was developed by the University of Technology Sydney and was trained using brain wave data when text was read by 29 volunteers. Patients wear a cap with an EEG sensor that allows their brains to be read. BrainGPT will transform these brainwave readings into relevant text and audio in a database.

With this, patients can return to "talking" with family members or doctors even if they are no longer able to speak as usual. Previously used systems used the patient's eye-tracking camera to allow the patient to type on a computer screen.

BrainGPT has an advantage over previously developed brainwave reading systems because it does not require an implant to be implanted directly into the brain. Last August, a combination of implant and brain allowed a stroke patient in California to speak again after 18 years.

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