CyberSecurity Malaysia – There is a Significant Increase in Data Leaks in Malaysia

 The leakage of personal data can cause public concern, especially the victims of the incident. In fact, there is a risk of having a negative impact on the well-being of the community. According to a sharing from CyberSecurity Malaysia, cases of data leakage in the country now show a significant increasing trend until November 2023.

This incident involves the leakage of data dumping information involving Personal Identification Information (PII) which is leaked and sold on the 'Dark Web'. Among the leaked details are full name, permanent address, identification number, household income, email address, phone number, and intellectual property. This matter has created a sense of uneasiness because it not only poses a threat to the organization responsible for PII but also to the individual who owns it.

The effect of data leakage has the potential to be misused by irresponsible parties to the extent that innocent members of the public are linked to certain cases such as fraud and other threats. In addition incidents of breaches of data belonging to organizations sold on the Dark Web also occur, and usually consist of confidential data owned by the organization involved.

In this regard, all parties, whether individuals or organizations, need to be alert to potential data leakage incidents. In addition to being sensitive to the latest security practices, recognizing the potential impact, and updating the system regularly.

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