Studio That Produced The Day Before Shuts Down Four Days After Game Goes On Sale


Studio Fntastic announced their closure just four days after launching the video game The Day Before on Steam. The game has been plagued since the first day of launch with hundreds of videos showing issues with hard to find browsers, bugs that crash game sessions and various promised features that are not in the game being sold.

According to Fntastic they are unable to continue operations because the game failed to generate revenue and they have to pay all the debtors. They also said there were plans to patch the game originally but that was put on hold as operations were halted. The Day Before is now no longer available for purchase on Steam and has also received over 20,000 reviews, the majority of which are negative.

Since the very first day various issues have been reported by players until Fntastic hosts the official Discord browser The Day Before. One of the things that angered players the most was that what was promised was an MMO but The Day Before was launched as an extraction shooter of a different genre. The Day Before gained attention after an interesting trailer was posted on IGN with it also becoming the most Wish Listed video game on Steam.

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