Epic Wins Lawsuit Against Google

 Epic Games' lawsuit against Google ended with a jury ruling in favor of Epic Games. The jury agreed that Google used their advantage in the Play Store to conduct monopolistic business. The lawsuit was filed by Epic Games three years ago after Fortnite was pulled from the Play Store and Apple Store for selling V-Bucks directly to players bypassing Google and Apple's payment systems.

Epic Games did not seek any damages from Google when filing the suit. They see today's decision as putting the power back in the hands of developers to generate revenue without having to pay a cut to digital store owners. The jury is believed to be in favor of Epic Games because Google takes a smaller cut from Spotify that is not given to other developers.

Google has already issued a statement that they will appeal this decision. Meanwhile, Epic Games released a statement saying "their success today is a success for all developers because Google's app store practices are illegal and they are abusing their monopoly to charge exorbitant fees, stifle competition and reduce innovation."

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