Gemini Pro Is Now Accessible To Developers And Businesses


Google today announced the Gemini Pro AI model is accessible to developers and their businesses through the Gemini API. Gemini Pro currently supports up to 32,000 context tokens with plans to add more in the future. By comparison GPT-4 Turbo supports 128,000 context tokens. It also supports 38 languages in 180 countries.

Developers can access Gemini Pro through Google AI Studio while business customers can access it through the Vertex AI platform on Google Cloud. In Google AI Studio Python, Android (Kotlin), Node.js, Swift, and JavaScript programming languages are supported. By simply entering a prom, customers can develop applications without having to understand a programming language. At the moment it can be used for free but at a more affordable price than competitors when fees are charged later.

Next, Google will introduce the much more powerful Gemini Ultra early next year. Gemini Ultra is still in the process of security testing and last-minute details by a small number of customers, partners and developers before being offered to business customers.

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