GTA VI Hacker Sentenced to Lifetime Hospital Imprisonment

 Last year Rockstar Games fell victim to the Lapsus$ hacker group which caused 90 early test videos of Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) to be leaked onto the website. In addition to causing the development of the game to stop for a while, it is also believed to have caused a loss of up to $10 million. Arion Kurtaj, one of the suspected members of the Lapsus$ group has been arrested and the court has ordered him to be detained in a psychiatric hospital for the rest of his life.

Arion Kurtaj is an autistic person and after being arrested acted violently to injure people and damage property. He admitted that he would go back to hacking if released. Because of this, the detention order in the psychiatric hospital was issued by the court for his own safety and also that of the public. He will only be released if it is found that he no longer poses any danger.

Kurtage was previously arrested for hacking NVIDIA which resulted in laptops being confiscated. But while detained at the hotel he managed to hack Rockstar Games using only an Amazon Firestick, TV and smartphone.

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