iPhone 13 And 14 Will Support Qi2 Through iOS 17.2 Update

 The Qi2 wireless charging format was developed by Apple and the Wireless Power Consortium to bring fast magnetic wireless charging to all smartphones. Most accessories and even devices that support Qi2 will go on sale later this year.

Among the devices that have been confirmed to support Qi2 is the iPhone 15. But after the iOS 17.2 update – iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 also xxfyysupport Qi2 wireless charging. This indirectly allows all iPhone 13 and 14 to be charged wirelessly with a power of up to 15W without using official Apple accessories.

Qi2 is basically MagSafe for everything. It brings 15W magnetic wireless charging support, while without magnets at 7.5W power. Qi2 accessories will also have a special label, making them the new wireless charging standard.

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