Samsung Denies Exynos Chip Rebranding Claims

 There is no denying that many users are very sensitive to the use of Exynos chips on a Samsung device. Especially when the chip is often associated with performance issues, especially the problem of extreme heating. The situation is even more heated when there are rumors claiming that Samsung will rebrand the chip line with a new name, Dream Chip.

Aware that the matter has become a topic of conversation, Samsung came forward to deny the claim through the Android Authority report. He said what was hyped about the rebranding was not true and the "Dream Chip" mentioned was just the name of an internal project. This means that the name does exist but has nothing to do with the rebranding of Exynos chips.

Through the latest sharing some Samsung Galaxy S24 devices have been confirmed to use Exynos chips. This means that there is a minority share that is potentially dominated by the Exynos 2400 processor.

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