Sony Investigates Insomniac Games Claims Hacked – Details About Wolverine Game May Have Been Stolen

 Recently it has been reported that Insomniac Games, the game developer studio famous for games like Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank and others has been hacked, with various confidential information of the company said to be ready for sale.

A group called Rhysida said that they were responsible for the hack, where they managed to steal various confidential information such as internal emails, confidential documents, personal details of employees and a number of details about popular voice actors.

Not only that, this group of hackers also said that they have a number of screenshots and details about a game that will be developed by Insomniac, which is Wolverine.

Rhysida, through a developed website, said that they wanted to sell the data they found for $2 million (~RM8.5 million) to one buyer only, so that it would be more "exclusive", if Insomniac or Sony did not pay the requested money .

Sony is reportedly investigating this incident to see if it is true that the stolen data contains what the hacker group said. So far, Sony has not released any statement about this cyber attack.

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