Threads Expected to Come With Fact-Checking Features Next Year


Threads, a new social media platform under Meta, seems to be showing increasing popularity little by little. Meta seems to have added a number of new features recently such as hashtag support, keyword search and so on, and recently, they confirmed that another important feature will be introduced early next year.

For now, Meta's plan to handle fact-checking on Threads is to use fact-checking data on Facebook and Instagram, and once these fact-checks are verified by Meta, they will then be amended to Threads as an easy way to ensure any sharing on the platform. that is correct.

Then, they will use third party services to review and monitor the content posted on Threads. Instagram users who choose not to see so much sensitive content on their timelines will also be given the same option on the Threads platform.

For now, Meta seems to still be focusing on their own user-generated content, and will keep their platform friendly to a variety of users of all ages.

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