Channel 1 Is A News Channel That Fully Uses AI Presenters And Writers

 Some experts in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) warned this year that uncontrolled use of AI could threaten human civilization. With AI now well past the first level of artificial general intelligence (AGI), more and more work that was once done by humans will be taken over. One of the threatened careers is journalism and news reporting.

Channel 1 is a news channel based in Los Angeles with news written by AI and delivered by a host who is also an AI-animated avatar. The channel will be offered free via its own website, smartphone app, and ad-supported streaming.

In the future, Channel 1 developers say customers will be able to customize the AI news anchor's look and voice according to personal preferences. Even the language of the news can be changed to English, Greek, Tagalog and Tamil as shown in the video above.

The channel will use news sources from leading agencies that have not been announced at this time. With this only confirmed news will be delivered to the audience. According to Channel 1, their customers will also get news personalized to their interests every day when offered through a smartphone application. This fully artificial intelligence news channel will launch next year but the date has not been announced.

The use of AI to replace presenters is not a new idea. China started it in 2018 and in Malaysia it is used by radio station Fly FM and also on Astro Awani.

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