Maxis 5G Quota Raised Up To 1000GB For Free Starting December 14

 Maxis has already offered 5G network access since last August. But users have to pay RM10 per month or directly switch to a new plan to use it. Maxis also gives additional data if you only use 5G, for example if your plan is Maxis Postpaid 79 - 4G/5G 80GB and 5G 40GB.

Recently, Maxis has increased the 5G data quota at no additional cost. The following is the amount of data according to the plan offered;

Quota Plan

Maxis Postpaid 79 80GB 4G/5G

80GB 5G

Maxis Postpaid 109 100GB 4G/5G

200GB 5G

Maxis Postpaid 139 120GB 4G/5G

360GB 5G

Maxis Postpaid 169 150GB 4G/5G

600GB 5G

Maxis Postpaid 199 200GB 4G/5G

1000GB 5G

The new quota will be activated starting December 14 in stages until December 20. Interestingly if you have already used your quota, Maxis will give you this new quota in full and it will not be deducted with the existing usage. Users will also receive an SMS as confirmation that the new quota has been activated.

As an additional note, this new change will only affect users who do not subscribe to Maxis Broadband Fiber or 4G WiFi plans who already receive unlimited quota.

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