YouTube Music 2023 Recap Now Accessible

 Apple Music has Replay, Spotify has Wrapped and now it's YouTube Music's turn with Recap which summarizes the listening activities of users throughout the year. 2023 Recap brings a slightly different experience as it allows users to customize the design of each report displayed.

First is a thumbnail image that can be changed according to the user's taste, according to YouTube Music this feature is for the user's imagination to imagine a summation of a year in a separate album. Then YouTube Music also introduced a new analysis which is a formulation of music according to the user's mood such as fun, calm, love, dance and many more.

YouTube Music also maintains an integration feature with Google Photos, where users can match the beautiful memories of the year with the appropriate music. To access 2023 Recap on YouTube Msuic, open the YouTube Music app on your Android or iOS device, tap your profile picture and select Your Recap.

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