Google Keep Will Receive Generative AI Features To Generate Lists

 If you feel that the physical XNote notebook powered by ChatGPT is expensive, Google's free note app Keep Notes is a good digital version alternative. This is because, in the future this application will also receive updates with generative AI features.

This feature is seen to be named Help me create a list to help users create a list and is present in the form of a floating button on the note-taking section. After pressing, users can enter simple proms such as "how to cook rice", "how to make good coffee" and many more.

Google Keep will then start generating the requested list with checkboxes. Based on the 9to5Google report, the generated results are just fine but sometimes they are not accurate or there are unnecessary lists.

Google Keep also suggests several lists to generate such as things to bring when camping, things to go back to school, routines at the end of the day, movies to watch and more. The generative AI feature on Google Keep Notes is said to be still in early testing and may be limited to Workspace Labs.

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