All iPhone 16 Will Be Equipped With Action Buttons That Detect Pressure


A new feature on the iPhone 15 Pro this year is the Action Button, which replaces the phone ringer and notification mute switch that has existed since the first generation. This exclusive feature will be offered to all iPhone 16 models next year according to a MacRumors report.

According to the design documents that have been seen, the new Action Button will be offered on the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro models. This time the button is changed to a mechanical type similar to the one used on the Touch ID button. It can detect pressure as well as offer haptic feedback like the MacBook touchpad. This raises speculation that this Action Button can be programmed to several actions and not just one like on the iPhone 15 Pro.

This new Action Button is developed using the Atlas name by Apple. Although the initial design documents indicate this button will be offered to all, it does not mean that it will be done by Apple. Typically the introduction of new features will be done in stages. Earlier rumors also said that the iPhone 16 will have a Face ID sensor placed under the screen with only one camera hole on the front.

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