MYAirline : Beware of Refund Scams


The public is advised to be wary of fraudulent phone calls, emails or messages related to refunds using the MYAirline name.

Citing a statement issued by MYAirline, there have been reports of individuals claiming to be company representatives contacting customers awaiting refunds for flight bookings. The fraud was found to be widespread with the aim of tricking customers into giving personal information or making payments under false pretenses.

Therefore, MYAirline advises customers to be more careful by not giving personal or financial information to any unauthorized sources. Most importantly such things should be ignored immediately and advised to verify information with legitimate sources.

At the same time, customers can also immediately report fraud cases by contacting MYAirline's official customer service channel via or hotline +603 8966 2522.

In October last year, MYAirline was involved in the issue of service suspension which had a profound effect on the majority of customers. This happened due to the financial problems faced by the company. But it is rumored that they are in the process of looking at various things in reactivating their services.

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