What Can You Do When WhatsApp Backups Eat Google Drive Storage?

 "Nothing is free in this world!". You must often hear this verse mentioned. This is true because the previously free unlimited backup of WhatsApp messages to Google Drive will start to be limited in the first 6 months of 2024 for everyone. It is a strategy to encourage users to subscribe to Google One.

This matter has been planned since 2022 and will only be enforced this year. With a free Google Drive quota of just 15GB and sharing with Gmail and Google Photos – backing up WhatsApp messages will definitely take up your Drive quota. There are some simple workarounds you can do to prevent your messages from being backed up.

Clean up Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail

Open the Google One app is the easiest method because it scans all the content stored in this cloud storage. Press Free up account storage, check one by one the recommendations are given and press the trash can icon to discard (it can be restored within 60 days).

Don't Back Up But Move

In July last year, WhatsApp introduced a data transfer feature to a new device. With this feature you no longer need to back up messages to Google Drive and then download them again to restore your messages. This feature transfers all data including pictures, videos and documents more securely via QR code only. It is supported on both iOS and Android.

Export To .txt File

How important are your WhatsApp messages? Are all the thousands of chats or just family and loved ones? If you only need a few messages, open the settings screen and look for Chat Export. You are then given the option of whether you want to export chats only or together with pictures, videos and documents at once. If you select with a media file it will be exported as a *.zip file while the chat is only in a *.txt file.

Final Step, Just Pay!

In the article Which Cloud Storage Is Best For You? which I wrote, I forgot to include that for Android users there is an additional benefit of subscribing to Google One – namely a cloud storage quota for WhatsApp backups. I have also included a price list where 100GB can be subscribed for as low as RM8.49 per month for individuals. Google also supports sharing storage with family if you want to save more.

I had to subscribe to the 2TB plan because I needed a lot of storage to save the results of photos taken with the device for review, to store various documents, as well as a lot of WhatsApp with family. Now WhatsApp Android users are starting to feel what iPhone users are feeling, where iCloud also does not offer free WhatsApp backup.

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