Why is a Projector Better Than a TV? This is the reason


One question that comes to my mind now is, why do many of us prefer to buy a TV instead of a projector? If you are planning to move out of the house now, we recommend that you buy a projector instead of a TV. If you're wondering about “why?”, here's why.

1. The design saves more space

Whether you realize it or not, usually the TV stand in your living room takes up almost 1/3 of your living room. This includes the thickness of the table and the size of the TV itself, which is usually 43 inches or more. With a size this big, of course it will take up space and will limit you to decorate the wall such as hanging picture frames and so on. That is why the offer of projectors, especially from Epson, helps a little to make the living room more spacious.

You only need a small table to place the projector and this can make your living room look more minimalist. Among the projectors that you can consider to place in the living room is the EpiqVision Ultra EH-LS800B which is a projector with the ability to beam at the shortest distance in the world today. Even though it's just a projector, you can still watch the show at sharp resolution.

2. The display is larger and flexible according to the size you want

But, what if the TV doesn't really match the decor of our living room? What we mean here is that if your living room is large and your TV is small, doesn't it affect your viewing experience to some extent due to its smaller size? If we buy a smart TV, we can only change the display resolution, and not the display size. This means you will have to switch to another TV if you want a larger display size. Isn't that a waste?

That's why you should consider buying a projector because the display from the projector is flexible, can be changed according to the size of the display you want. So, if the living room is more spacious, the display size can also be changed to be larger. For example, with the EpiqVision Ultra EH-LS800B from Epson, you can resize the display up to 150 inches. It is also equipped with the Android TV operating system, YAMAHA speakers and the display is 4K Pro-UHD resolution.

If your home has a dedicated room just for watching TV anyway, we recommend that you buy the Home Theater EH-LS12000B from Epson. Through it, you can enjoy a larger display, which is 100 inches up to 500 inches and at the same time still maintain its resolution which is 4K and the resulting display is still sharp without compromising the quality and brightness of the show you want to watch. The further the device, the better the visual quality.

If you are someone who cares about audio quality, another projector option is the Epson EpiqVision Min EF-12 which comes with speakers from YAMAHA. Through AudioEngine's DSP technology, you can get a more immersive viewing and display experience with audio support that is more pleasant to hear and doesn't sound too loud. According to Epson, with this support on their projectors, it helps you to some extent to get a more premium and immersive viewing experience without the extra cost for a larger display size. You can also save money on your movie ticket because this movie experience can also be found at home only through this Epson projector.

If you're still looking for another reason why you should buy a projector over a TV, here's the next one. If you are aware, the TV will usually emit light directly into your eyes and this has the potential to make your eyes feel tired quickly. But, not for the projector because this device only reflects the light again and displays the reflection of the light towards the display wall. Although it is only a reflection of light, you do not have to worry about the displayed quality because projectors from Epson are able to display projections with better and sharper resolution and coloring. So it can somewhat reduce the probability of your eyes feeling tired quickly when watching for too long.

3. You Can Choose What You Want To Watch

For your information, this projector from Epson is not just an ordinary projector. It is also equipped with the Android TV operating system and also an easy-to-use control tool. So when we talk about Android TV, it means that we can use it like a normal TV and have the freedom to watch what content we want. This viewable content includes the projector's built-in app, YouTube, or other streaming apps that you can download yourself from Google Play. Just connect your projector with Wi-Fi and you can already watch the video, like on a normal TV. The only advantage here is that you can watch the shows you want on a bigger display.

4. A Projector Is Like a TV But a Portable Version

Sometimes we will be in a situation where we want to watch TV but in a more relaxed state without having to lift our chin on the sofa. Maybe watch it while lying in bed? But unfortunately our TV is in the living room and it is heavy to change its position. Plus if the TV is 50 inches in size. It really takes 2 people to change it into the room. So, the next advantage of why you need a projector is of course in terms of its ability to be portable.

Through the projector, you can lift the projector you put in the living room into the room easily. Even if it is taken anywhere there is no problem for it. If you're looking for a projector that's lightweight and easy to carry around, you can put the CO-FH02 Smart Projector on your shopping list. It weighs only 2.6kg, very compact and easy to carry anywhere. Another option you can consider is the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF-12 which allows you to watch the projection on the ceiling of the bedroom and this allows you to watch while lying in bed comfortably.

5. Easy To Install And Set Up

The last thing is in terms of how to set it up. You only need less than 10 minutes to set up the projector. You just need to place it on a flat surface and adjust the display according to the size you want. Let's say you want to buy EpiqVision Ultra EH-LS800B, the process to install it is very easy because it comes with Auto Installation feature. So, you just need to plug in, and you don't need to do other additional settings such as making the display sharper and correcting trapezoidal distortion like a normal projector, because the feature on this Epson projector is able to make its own settings. So it's easier and saves time.


These projectors from Epson are not just machines that only reflect light for a larger display. Their projectors are also able to take us to a more immersive entertainment dimension. Not only is it able to provide good display quality, but the audio output is also pleasant to listen to. It is suitable for those of you who want flexibility in terms of display size and easy to carry anywhere. So, if you're looking for a projector that won't disappoint your viewing experience, Epson is a brand to consider. Buy a projector from Epson now with "popcorn" and you can now enjoy a cinema-like viewing experience only in your home.

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