Xiaomi Wants to Become an Automotive Powerhouse Within 15-20 Years

 Xiaomi started their era in the automotive world after launching the electric car (EV) Xiaomi SU7 a while ago. Dunia model will be offered with the ability to travel up to 800 km and accelerate up to 265 kmh. During the launch event, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said his company aims to become a major force in the global automotive world in the next 15-20 years.

This relatively high target is attempted in a relatively short time. Toyota for example took more than five decades before becoming the largest car manufacturer in the world. Even so, it is not an impossible target because BYD for example almost overtakes Tesla after only 12 years entering the EV arena.

Despite the launch, the selling price of the SU7 and SU7 Max has not yet been announced. Xiaomi simply said that it aims for performance like the Porsche Taycan but technology as advanced as the Tesla Model S. For sure, Xiaomi's sales price will be lower than these two EVs produced in the West.

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