DuckDuckGo Can Save Cross-Platform Passwords Without Accounts

 What made me like Google Chrome a few years ago is that one Google account can store all data for users to access on other devices. I surf on Windows during the day, I can continue reading on the phone at night. The same feature has already been introduced on Edge and Mozilla.

Recently, DuckDuckGo also introduced more or less the same feature. But what's interesting is that it can save usernames and passwords cross-platform without any account. This feature is called Private Sync.

This feature can store all bookmarks as well as usernames and passwords securely. Each will be encrypted and to access on other devices, DuckDuckGo provides a QR code or text code depending on the device.

To use it go to Settings > Sync & Backup > Sync With Another Device > Begin Syncing. An interesting method, but did you know that the data synchronization feature by Apple and Google is also encrypted. Perhaps DuckDuckGo is an alternative for those who are more paranoid about privacy and security.

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