Pentagon Wants To Buy Starship For Sensitive Mission Use


Several Starship tests carried out by SpaceX have ended in failure so far, causing the Artemis Mission to the moon to be postponed to 2026. Although Starship has not yet proven to be usable as promised, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) has contacted SpaceX to purchase Starship for sensitive mission use. military.

SpaceX confirmed they had been contacted by the Pentagon. The mission performed using this Starship will not be operated by SpaceX but independently by the DoD. It not only involves sensitive missions but also dangerous missions. At this point SpaceX has not provided an answer to the DoD's request because all missions performed by them are paid services.

Two years ago the United States military awarded a contract to SpaceX to use SpaceX as a cargo carrier spacecraft. In certain situations, critical supplies may need to be delivered to the field faster than using existing cargo aircraft. Starship promises that cargo can be delivered to any point in the world within a few hours instead of tens of hours as it is now

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