Proton's First EV Will Be Launched Soon

Originally, Proton wanted to launch their first electric vehicle (EV) by 2027. But with the EV market maturing, it has been accelerated to 2025. But according to a Nextrift report, Proton CEO Li Chunrong said the launch of Proton's first EV will happen in the near future.

Even more interesting is that he revealed that Proton's second EV will then be launched between 6-8 months after the first vehicle is on the market. This is the first time this information has been disclosed to the media. Whether this is Proton's first vehicle is open to speculation because parent company Geely already offers EVs in China such as the Geely Geometry A from 2019.

When the Proton X90 was launched last year, Proton simply said it was committed to launching one NEV vehicle every year. In addition to using batteries, Proton is also interested in exploring the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

EV vehicles in the Malaysian market are still too expensive. So the launch of EVs by Proton and Perodua is highly anticipated because it is hoped to increase their use in Malaysia.

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