Qualcomm Reportedly Asking Samsung And TSMC To Prototype 2nm Chips


The Apple A17 Pro chip is the only chip for smartphones manufactured using 3nm technology. Apple uses TSMC's entire 3nm foundry causing Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung to offer only 4nm chips this year. The technology that will be the next up for grabs is 2nm and Qualcomm has already made preliminary preparations.

According to an ETNews report, Qualcomm has asked Samsung and TSMC to produce prototype chips using 2nm technology. Samsung and TSMC are both expected to start producing 2nm chips starting in 2025. Qualcomm will consider prototype quality, performance and yield percentage before choosing which company will produce their 2nm chips.

For Samsung they need to win the Qualcomm contract to re-increase the company's profits which were affected by the reduction in memory prices and did not win the contract to produce Qualcomm's 4nm chips. Although Samsung was the first capable of producing 3nm chips, no orders were received due to the low percentage of production using their technology compared to TSMC.

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