TM One Opens Innovation Lab And 5G Industry Lab To Drive Digitization Of Enterprise And Government Sector

5G network coverage in Malaysia has recently been reported to have exceeded 80.2 percent of populated areas, and in Selangor alone 95 percent of populated areas have already begun to enjoy the speed of this very fast mobile internet network.

In conjunction with that, TM One, a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia which is responsible for developing digital solutions for the enterprise and digital sectors today has launched the opening of the Innovation Lab and the Enterprise 5G Lab to meet the needs of the enterprise and government sectors.

The opening of this laboratory was officiated by the Minister of Digital, YB Gobind Singh Deo and also the Chairman of Telekom Malaysia Group, Zainal Abidin Putih and is located at TM Digital Academy at Multimedia University Cyberjaya. These laboratories are responsible for collaborating with various industry parties, including from the enterprise sector, IT, government and so on to develop technologies that take advantage of the existing 5G infrastructure.

During the opening event of these laboratories, several proofs of concept (proof of concept) were shown at this Innovation Laboratory, such as a smart city dashboard consisting of a Smart Traffic Analysis System (STAR), Smart Street Light Management System (SLIMS), charging records electric vehicles and so on all in one interface.

Apart from that, there is also a proof of concept for a Smart Healthcare system that defines the patient care experience using Smart Patient Suites software and incorporating Automated External Defibrillator technology. Equipment like this is seen to improve the performance of services to patients and overall care for patients using artificial intelligence and other latest technologies.

The 5G Industry Lab is seen to help the three main sectors of the energy industry, heavy industry and ports in leveraging the built 5G network to bring better efficiency. For all these industries, TM One is seen working with various O&G companies, heavy industry and port companies to ensure operational efficiency, worker safety and also medium and long term cost savings.

During the launch of these laboratories, TM One also introduced TM One's 5G Sphere Partnership Program, where TM One collaborates with 50 local and international entities to support the co-creation of new innovations.

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