Disney+ Hotstar Subscription Price In Malaysia Increases Up To 118% Starting April 24

Disney+ Hotstar monthly subscription prices in Malaysia will increase dramatically starting next April 24 and two different plans will be introduced. According to the recently updated Disney+ Hotstar FAQ page, monthly subscription prices now start at RM 24.90 for the Basic Plan and RM39.90 for the Premium Plan.

Previously only one plan was offered at a price of RM54.90 for three months equal to RM18.30 per month. This means that Disney+ Hotstar subscription prices in Malaysia from April increased by 36% for the Basic Plan and 118% for the Premium Plan compared to the previous price.

Basic Plan limits streaming to full HD resolution, only 1 simultaneous stream and installed on 3 devices. Meanwhile Premium Plan allows 4K streaming, 3 simultaneous streams and installed on 10 devices. Dolby Atmos support and playback on phones, tablets, computers and TVs are provided on both plans.

Disney+ Hotstar offers an annual Basic Plan at a price of RM 214.90 and a Premium Plan at a price of RM 289.90 which gives a discount of up to 30% compared to the monthly payment. Premium Plan can also be paid once every three months at a price of RM79.90 which is a saving from RM119.70.

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