Infinix Smart 8 Pro Review – Budget Friendly Phone

The reality is when it comes to affordable phones we shouldn't get our hopes up. This is due to the offer of specifications that are comparable to the given price. Infinix Smart 8 Pro can be categorized as an affordable basic device and is sold below RM400. There are certainly many questions that will play in your mind regarding performance in the real world. Here is our review for the Infinix Smart 8 Pro.


Infinix SMART 8 Pro

6.6-inch IPS LCD screen, 90Hz

720 x 1612 pixels (~395 ppi)

Mediatek Helio G36 processor (12 nm)

4×2.2 GHz Cortex-A53 chip

4×1.6 GHz Cortex-A53

PowerVR GE8320 Graphics Chip


Internal Load 128GB ROM

Primary Camera 50MP f/1.9 (wide), PDAF

AI lens

8MP f/2.5 Selfie Camera

5000mAh battery

Wired 18W

SIM/Telephony Dual SIM nano / 4G

microSD card

NFC None

Audio Jack Available

Waterproof IP53

Scan System Side fingerprint scan

Sale Price RM399 (4/128GB)

Front Screen

Specifications are modest with a 6.6-inch IPS LCD HD+ screen. This situation can cause dissatisfaction in the hearts of users who want sharper display quality. Similarly, the peak brightness of 500nits is just enough to use in closed areas for clear visual content. Color reproduction is also average and can be oversaturated in some situations. Followed by the support of a small notch for the placement of the front camera with uneven bezel size.

But we feel this device is just satisfactory for an LCD panel. It is also suitable for most daily uses such as browsing the web, watching videos and playing simple games. In fact, it is still acceptable for the selling price. The issue we face is a screen that is less responsive to touch or the process of opening an application so that it interferes with daily activities.

Infinix markets the device with a 90Hz refresh rate screen which should be usable without any problems. But the opposite happened when we experienced significant intermittent problems, especially when switching applications. For those who subscribe to Netflix, content can only be accessed at SD resolution because the device only supports Widevine L3 certification.

But actually this screen has its own advantage when it still offers a white mini-LED light placed on the top. This is especially useful for charging in a dark area with the screen closed. At the same time giving added value to Infinix itself since it is rare to find on the latest smart devices.

Physical Design

The entire device is made of glossy plastic material with an aluminum frame. Followed by the dull back panel and flat sides have created a comfortable feeling in the grip. The rear panel of this device is also dominated by a large camera bump on the top left corner that almost fills a third of the room.

As many as two main cameras along with an LED Flash with the arrangement of an iPhone device provided through it. Whether this design is beautiful, unique or strange, the evaluation is subjective because it depends on each person's view and opinion. The Infinix Smart 8 Pro is available in four color options which include Shinny Gold as the review unit received.

Then the right side houses the power and audio buttons with a flat design. Followed by the charging port, SIM slot and speaker at the bottom. Dual-SIM support can be used simultaneously with microSD card space provided together. But it can still be expanded virtually up to 4GB through the MemFusion feature which is also given the option to switch to 3GB or 2GB in addition.

All of this has been loaded into a body that measures 163.6 x 75.6 x 8.5 mm. But missing some things such as no waterproof rating requires users to always be careful to avoid unwanted damage. The same goes for the lack of NFC support and a built-in 5G network but that's forgivable considering it's just a basic budget device under RM400.


Then a side fingerprint scanner is included for security purposes and built into the power button. It can be found on the right side of the device along with the audio adjustment button, followed by the SIM slot space on the left side of the series. The fingerprint performance is seen as less satisfactory with the issue of failing to detect the finger properly but the situation may be different with the marketed unit. There is also a facial scanning system that works quite well even in the dark because the screen will light up to facilitate the facial recognition process.

Hardware – MediaTek Helio G36

Infinix Smart 8 Pro uses MediTek Helio G36 chip with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage. It can also be expanded virtually up to 4GB of RAM through the MemFusion function and includes additional microSD card capability. But the fact that needs to be acknowledged is that virtual RAM support can be considered just a gimmick and does not help in maximizing the performance of the device.

It provides a not-so-smooth usage experience. We are aware of the occurrence of intermittent problems especially when switching applications. This time is becoming increasingly chronic with the number of applications being launched simultaneously. A rather long waiting time for the application to launch was also noticed by us. Likewise with the occurrence of intermittent problems when using the keyboard at a fast speed.

But the aspect that needs attention is that we did not experience any problems with the application failing to work or being stopped forcibly when in use. We also think that Infinix may consider the recommendation to use at least 6GB of RAM for better performance especially for multi-tasking. At the same time it is not recommended for a heavy type because it is not a phone for that purpose.

Software – XOS 13 (Based on Android 13)

Android 13 based XOS 13 software is used on the device. It can be considered lagging while the basic device Realme C67 is already running Android 14. It has a number of default applications such as Palm Store for example which often download applications without consent from the user. Not only that, it also often displays less important notifications and ads that greatly disturb the comfort of use.

However, it can still be turned off through the settings area to prevent notifications and advertisements from appearing. Another additional feature that exists is the Magic Ring feature which is cloned using the same concept as Dynamic Island on Apple devices. It works well and can show various system status like battery percentage, call duration, unlock animation and charging process.

Camera And Picture Quality

The Infinix Smart 8 Pro is equipped with two main cameras with a 50MP (main) + AI setup which is then followed by an 8MP selfie camera. The device also allows users to record videos up to 1080P/30fps on both cameras without any video stabilization feature provided.

Next, the camera function consists of Night, Street, Video, Photo, Portrait, 50M and More. The camera also supports built-in AI and HDR to allow photos to be taken with good light balance. At the same time this ability can also be turned off manually through the settings available at the top of the camera application. The picture capture option can be taken at a ratio of 1:1, 4:3 and full.

Picture quality shows acceptable performance in bright lighting conditions. Followed by the reproduction of colors that are in line with the real object but the details are simple with a softer image. Next, we are also aware that the photos taken have problems with overexposure in some situations. At the same time, the device also has problems taking pictures in low lighting. The built-in night mode support is also seen as not helping and even giving less satisfactory results than usual.

But it should be noted that the Smart 8 Pro is just a budget-friendly phone. Thus it is not very realistic to expect that the camera quality is comparable to more expensive devices. Using it for normal daily purposes is also no problem, in fact more than adequate.

Battery Endurance

A 5000mAh battery is used to last the whole day with SOT reaching 14 hours and 20% battery remaining. Most of it is used for normal daily activities such as web browsing, social media scrolling, map navigation, watching videos and taking pictures that depend on WiFi/hotspot connection alternately. The charging head provided supports 18W output power and takes over 2 hours to fully charge the battery. Therefore, it is more recommended to charge the device at night after work and so on.


Next only one speaker is given which is placed at the bottom along with USB-C port and 3.5mm audio jack. Audio quality is average with a flat audio cast and booming at high volumes. But with the support of the built-in audio jack seen to cure the disappointment with satisfactory audio quality compared to listening directly from the original speakers.

What's In The Box

Here's what's included in the Infinix Smart 8 Pro box:

1 x Infinix Smart 8 Pro.

1 x 18W Charger Head.

1 x USB-C to USB-A Cable.

1 x Hard Frame.

1 x User Manual.

1 x SIM Extractor.


Infinix Smart 8 Pro has a good and neat build quality. However, as said earlier, it is very subjective and depends on each individual's view to evaluate it. The usage experience is average with daily usage that works but with noticeable intermittent issues. When you want to launch an application there is a long delay before it is fully launched.

The camera capabilities are also average with the problem of details not being well taken care of. The ability to take pictures in low light is also only average with the majority showing significant noise problems. However, the battery used is able to offer a long battery life with moderate use. No fast charging however is a disappointment.

With a price of RM399 an Infinix Smart 8 Pro is a budget friendly phone but not all are suitable for use.


Magic Ring works well.

The camera is simple but usable.

Fast fingerprint scanner.

3.5mm audio jack

Long lasting battery.


Significant time lag problem.

Mono speakers.

Slow charging.

No 5G support.

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