The Government Is Ready to Censor Content on Streaming Platforms

The Malaysian government is set to censor the content offered on streaming platforms. This is the answer given by the Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail to a question given by Pasir Mas Member of Parliament, Ahmad Fadhli Shaari who urged the government to filter "inappropriate content" on Netflix.

At this point the Board of Film Censorship has no power to restrict content offered by OTT streaming services. Instead the jurisdiction falls under the Ministry of Communications which has the responsibility of controlling the content offered online. Therefore Saifuddin said he was ready to discuss with KKOM to expand the LPF's jurisdiction in this matter.

In 2019, FINAS asked the government to play the role of "big brother" that filters what the people in Malaysia can watch. The government at the time said there were various content filtering features already provided by platforms such as Netflix, Astro Go, HBO Go, Prime Video and many more to customers who wanted to filter content that they felt was inappropriate for them.

For parents who are worried about content that is deemed incompatible, we have already written two tutorials on how this content can be blocked via the link below.

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