CelcomDigi Announces Collaboration With Petronas In Driving 5G Techno-Digital Transformation

CelcomDigi and PETRONAS are now announcing a strategic collaboration, where both parties will share expertise in driving digital transformation and sustainability specifically for the energy industry, through the use of 5G.

As many are aware, the use of 5G is more aimed at implementation in the industry, at the same time allowing the use of technology to be expanded, with a low latency rate.

CelcomDigi and PETRONAS signed a 2-year collaboration in exploring the use of 5G technology, in improving the overall operation of PETRONAS. As for CelcomDigi, it will focus on the exploration of sustainable energy in their enterprise offering - while further expanding its application in companies and businesses in Malaysia.

The cooperation of these two parties is not something new. Previously, these two giants collaborated around 2019, in the implementation of a 4G LTE network at one of Petronas' offshore platforms, in Angsi. In addition, they also previously launched the first private 5G network in Sarawak.

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