Elon Musk : AI Will Be Smarter Than Humans, Possibly As Early As Next Year

Elon Musk is now sharing the target, saying artificial intelligence is expected to be smarter and smarter than humans by next year, or 2026.

With this latest development, Elon Musk is targeting the level of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) in about 2 years. Today, various companies are focusing investments in this arena of artificial intelligence, and it is showing relatively rapid development compared to other developments.

Today itself, artificial intelligence is already being used to help with a number of tasks, and it is already targeted to overtake some jobs in a few years. Perhaps by reaching this level of AGI, the transition will happen even faster.

Leading the artificial intelligence arena in terms of usage is OpenAI and also Google through Gemini. Elon Musk himself is not left behind and has established a company focused on artificial intelligence, called xAI. The first product under it called Grok is now offered built-in through the X social platform.

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