Google Vids Introduces Simplifying Production of Video Presentations, Powered by AI

Google today introduced a new product under Google Workspace, named as Google Vids. It complements some of Google's existing offerings, and focuses on facilitating video production for work purposes.

These Google Vids will allow you to add any document from Google Drive or other Google Workspace applications, and use artificial intelligence support in producing videos. Google states that Google Vids focuses on video production to be used to share project updates, company developments, for meetings and so on. It can be said to be a presentation file that is also integrated with animation and video features to make it more interesting.

This also shows the evolution of online presentations since many implemented working from home. Google Vids is expected to further facilitate the process of presentation and explanation between team members.

For now, Google has not announced when Google Vids will be offered to the public. But, it is not impossible that we see it changing the way a presentation file is produced after this, compared to just using PowerPoint or KeyNote.

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