Ipoh Will Have Its Own Video Streaming Platform

Ipoh City will soon have its own streaming platform like Disney+ and Netflix. The mayor of Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin said this digital streaming platform will be developed in collaboration between the Ipoh City Council and leading actor and producer Afdlin Shauki according to a report by the Ipoh Echo.

The purpose of the platform was developed to boost the creative industry in Ipoh as a new source of economic income. This is also MBI's effort to make Ipoh the national film center like Bollywood to India. The concept and proposal of this project will be carried out starting next year with the name that will be used yet to be announced.

Ipoh is a city that often becomes the background of movies in Malaysia such as those directed by Yasmin Ahmad and Mamat Khalid. It became a distinctive character in films like Sepet as Stephen King's films all take place in Maine.

To what extent this "Ipohflix" will be able to help the film industry in Perak is yet to be known but what is certain is that Ipoh is the first city in Malaysia that will have its own streaming platform.

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