Just Walk Out Program Discontinued At Amazon Fresh Stores In The United States

The Amazon Just Walk Out program was introduced to allow customers of physical Amazon Stores to pick up any product they want without having to pay a cashier or payment machine before they leave the store.

Previously, Amazon introduced the Just Walk Out program saying that it is a combination of advanced camera systems and artificial intelligence to scan the products taken by each customer, and then bill the credit card connected to their Amazon account, in short simplify and speed up the payment process at selected Amazon Fresh stores.

Several reports today have confirmed that the Just Walk Out program does not use an artificial intelligence system, but apparently these cameras track consumers with the help of 1000 remote workers in India to record what consumers who enter Amazon Fresh stores buy.

This Just Walk Out program will be replaced by a Dash cart which is technically more accurate than this program, because users themselves can scan the products taken on the cart before putting them in the basket.

The closure of this program also seems to be a necessary strategy for Amazon as they have plans to increase the number of Amazon Fresh stores even more in the United States. For now, it is reported that their small stores such as Amazon Go will still use the Just Walk Out technology.

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