TikTok Will Sue The United States If It Is Forced To Sell Or Block Access

TikTok has now reportedly informed their employees that TikTok will fight the United States in court if the app is forced to sell or access is blocked.

The United States was previously seen as wanting to block access to TikTok for allegedly being a proxy for China. The matter was denied by TikTok, and asked for any evidence to the allegations. Until now, there is no official response from the United States government that reveals TikTok is a Chinese proxy, apart from the fact that the company is from the mainland country.

According to reports, Bytedance is expected to look at various things including fighting in court before making a decision to sell or so on. TikTok has around 170 million users in the United States, and it can be said that it is among the countries with the most users for the platform.

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