Apple is reported to be getting closer to collaborating on the use of OpenAI technology on iOS18

Apple is now reportedly getting closer to signing a collaboration agreement with OpenAI to use ChatGPT artificial intelligence technology on the upcoming iPhone operating system, which is iOS 18.

According to Bloomberg, in addition to OpenAI, Apple is also in talks with Google for the use of Gemini in iOS 18, but has not yet reached the level of discussions like OpenAI so far. For now, it is still in the discussion phase – and there is a possibility that these two collaborations will not work out.

Apple is ready to schedule the WWDC event this June, and will share more about the iOS 18 operating system - as well as show the integration of generative artificial intelligence on their platform.

With this new development, let's all look forward to how Apple will integrate artificial intelligence support on their platform – and at the same time focus on privacy through it in the future.

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