ASUS ROG Ally X Will Launch With OLED Screen This June

There is speculation that an updated model for the ASUS ROG Ally will be launched at the Computex event next month. But ASUS has confirmed their next mobile console is not an update but an improvement only in an interview with The Verge.

The ASUS ROG Ally X mobile console will not bring any changes to the internal hardware as it still uses the AMD Z1 Extreme chip. Only the screen is now replaced with a panel by 7″ 120HZ VRR and the body is offered in black.

Previously ROG Ally used an LCD screen and only in white. This tactic used by ASUS is similar to Nintendo which offered an OLED Switch several years after the original Switch was launched.

With the OLED panel, the duration of use will be slightly longer lasting up to 1.5 hours for games that require high power. The ROG Ally 2 will still launch but at a later date later in the year.

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