BYD Produces Hybrid System With 2100 KM Travel Distance

Electric vehicle (EV) sales in Malaysia are increasing driven by government subsidies and the entry of various top brands such as BYD and Tesla. But globally EV sales are declining due to issues of limited travel distance and insufficient charging infrastructure. Therefore at a time when hybrid vehicles are seen as the safest middle ground for users.

This week, BYD announced their latest power trend that offers a travel distance of up to 2100 kilometers. BYD's fifth generation hybrid system also only uses 2.9L of petrol for a 100 km trip. As a comparison, the 1.5 Liter Proton S70 engine uses 6.2L/100 km. This low level of gasoline consumption is achieved because the BYD engine has an efficiency of 46.06%.

When combined with a battery system and an electric motor, this DM (Dual Mode) system vehicle can travel non-stop from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi, Vietnam. This is a very long distance

This new system is also not just a concept but has been used on the Qin L DM-i and Seal 06 DM-i car models that were also just launched this week. In China the selling price of these two vehicles starts from RMB 99,800 (~RM65,000) each.

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